Sunday, March 22, 2009

Even More Vague Hasbro Answers has put up another of their "Ask Hasbro" Q&A sessions and there happens to be a question regarding the future of the Star Wars Mighty Muggs. Here's the info:

"Rebelscum: Could you give any more details about Mighty Muggs becoming TRU Exclusives? What will this mean for future waves? If you see the line ending, will you try to pump out the highly requested Muggs like Jedi Luke, young Anakin, Darth Malak, TIE Pilot, Sandtrooper, Jawas, Galen Marek, etc?

Hasbro: After Spring (from August on), Mighty Muggs will be found exclusively at Toys 'R Us. Right now there are no plans for additional exclusive waves of Muggs beyond what has already been shown."

So, what's this mean for Mighty Muggs exactly? Well it doesn't look good that's for sure. But Hasbro would tell you that they aren't saying no or yes just that there aren't any plans for further Mighty Muggs wave at this point in time.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Transformers Mighty Muggs Coming Soon?

Some potentially good news coming out of Toyfair Australia regarding Transformers Mighty Muggs. According to Australian website, who just returned from the show has this to report:

"Mighty Muggs will have Movie characters, which could be why the 3rd wave looked cancelled - those Gen1 figures might be pushed back until after the movie."

Then we have this tidbit from from AU Toyfair:

"Also confirmed are Movie-themed Transformers Mighty Muggs. No word yet on which characters from the films will receive the Mighty Muggs treatment, although Movie Optimus Prime and Megatron are practically a given."

No pics yet but this is exciting news as it's the first sign of hope that Transformers Mighty Muggs will continue with future waves. Stay tuned for more!

VIsual Guide Update 2

Marvel Mighty Muggs wave 6 have now been added to the Marvel guide. Enjoy!

VIsual Guide Update

While we wait for signs of life from our beloved Mighty Muggs, the visual guide is going to be tweaked a bit. You will now find a separate tab for exclusive Mighty Muggs. This, I believe will simplify things a little bit as it streamlines the process.