Sunday, July 27, 2008

San Diego Comic Con: It's a wrap!

It's Sunday night and San Diego Comic Con 2008 has officially come to a close. No new Mighty Muggs news today other than a small update on the MIA Mighty Muggs T shirts featuring Darth Vader and Indiana Jones. It's seems that the manufacturer who was to supply the shirts went under weeks before the show and the shirts were never made. Oh well, there's alway next year. I would like to thank and welcome all the new readership we have picked up in the last couple of days here at the Mighty Muggs Lounge, we are glad to have you!

This was the Mighty Muggs Lounge first foray into a bigger world by introducing ourselves to Hasbro and getting the Lounge a little recognition with fans and we cannot wait for upcoming shows and events to continue to spread the Mighty Muggs gospel.