Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sponsor News

Our good friends over at are about to debut a new line of super cool, super collectible, Limited Edition Vinyl toys from popular anime, comic and gaming artists! Here's the official press release

"It's been months in development, but we are now officially able to announce
our new line of figures called Symbiotes. Symbiotes are cool new figures
that all use the same head, body and arms. Designed by legendary artist Curt
Rapala, each figure is a licensed character that is created in a stylized way.

Our characters are made out of PVC and vinyl and come with four
interchangable hands. Each character can position it's hands in ways that
competing products cannot, but our characters accessories can be held by our
competitors products.

The standard sized Symbiotes are 6 inches in size and are in scale with
other competing brands. We also will be offering smaller sized figures based
on character needs. You can see great use of this in our size chart showing
Sam, Max and a Rat.

Wave one will include Sam, Max, Black, White, Dr. Tran, Pirate and Ninja
Symbiotes. We will have more information to come on this incredible line.
Pre-orders will start on Monday September 29th with a $5 off combo being
available for those who pre-order the Sam and Max statue at the same time.
For more information visit"