Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Say it isn't so Hasbro!

Here's yet another Q&A this time from where Hasbro is pretty much doing whatever it can to tell us in no certain terms that Mighty Muggs are done. Here's the exchange:

YN: A lot of people were sad to hear that the Mighty Muggs will be TRU Exclusives this fall, can you give us any more information on this? We heard from e-stores and Hasbro direct dealers that MM were a great seller. With a lot of collectors and kids not able to get to TRU in all areas will these also be sold on Hasbro's Website or TRU's site? Any chance they will come back to a broader release in 2010?

H: Despite fans of the format, Mighty Muggs seemed to appeal to a small but passionate minority of the overall Star Wars collecting audience compared to all our other Star Wars sub lines. There is no chance that Mighty Muggs, at least in the current size or format, will come back as a broader or national release. It is unknown whether will be selling Mighty Muggs, but we'll pass on the encouragement. It will not be sold through

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