Monday, July 20, 2009

Mighty Muggs: G.I. Joe

In the July 17th edition of Hisstanks's Q&A with Hasbro a Mighty Muggs question was thrown in and answered. Here's the lowdown:

Q: In the last G.I. Joe Q & A session it was stated that the wave 3 Mighty Muggs would be out before the movie. That doesn't appear to have happened. Were these shelved altogether or delayed to a later date?

A:The Wave 3 figures were produced, shipped, and should be making their way out to retail in the next month. In the future, Mighty Muggs will only be available at select retailers.

So even though the last wave of GI Joe Mighty Muggs didn't fare well at Retailers, looks like a wave 3 might still make it to stores after all. Keep your eyes peeled!